Q: How long will it take till i have grass? 

A: There are different seeds in your seed mixture,some of which will germinate in 8-12 days, others 15-20. It usually takes 22-25 days for your green luscious Kentucky blue grass to begin to germinate. Depending on watering,fertilizer and soil the seeds may germinate faster or slower.

Q: Do i need to fertilize my lawn?

A: When the hyrdoseed is applied there is a fertilizer mixed with it, this mixture is used to help establish the root system faster and stronger how ever if you would like to fertilize you can use a balance fertilizer which will help the grass become greener and healthier.

Q: Is the material dangerous to my children or pets?

A: No all of the components are environmentally friendly, Hydro seed is a mixture of grass seed, starter fertilizer , water and hydro mulch which is made from recycled news paper and green food colouring.

Q: Will mulch stain my side walk, drive way or house?

A: Definitely not! The mulch can simply be washed away by water.

Q: Can i walk on my sprayed lawn?

A: Yes you can for watering  2 or 3 days after initial spraying has been completed  this will give the mulch time to harden.

Q: What kinds of seeds are used?

A: There are many different types of seed mixtures, feel free to find any that suit your lawn preference and we can spray them for you. However we recommend for most residential lawns the classic mixture which is 40 % Kentucky Blue Grass, 40 % Creeping Red Fescue and 20% Turf-type Perennial Ryegrass. There are seeds that can be sprayed for steep hills, ditches or commercial areas and much more.

Q: When is a good time to hydro seed?

A: Anytime in the months before frost has begun to set is fine to hydro seed in (May- Early November), how ever usually late summer early fall is the best time mainly due to the warm moist soil conditions and less weed competition. Maintenance in this time period can be a lot less needed than in the summer months, where the water can be needed 2-3 times a day in hot dry weeks.

Q: Can you offer preparation services and topsoil if needed?

A: Yes, we have all the tools to get your yard prepped and ready for a nice new lawn to be sprayed, we also can get topsoil brought in if needed or requested. We recommend however if you are looking to get your lawn prepped that you let us at willseed take care of the job mainly because we know exactly what we need when it comes to how the lawn needs to be prepped for the seeds to grow properly.