We at Willseed hydroseeding provide seed bed preparation services and would be more then happy to come out and have that area looking better then ever.

New lawn preparation

Before hydroseeding your lawn you need to have the soil prepared and ready for the seeds to germinate properly. Properly prepared soil is essential for a green healthy luscious lawn. It is very important that the soil is not compacted but is broken up well and has a good 2 - 3 inches of fluff on top so that the seeds have the chance to bind themselves with the soil when sprayed. 

Seeds need to have a soft surface to be sprayed into for many reasons, the main one being that if the ground is to hard the seeds will not be able to establish their roots and may not grow or get washed away. We have all the tools to make sure your lawn will be prepared properly. If topsoil is needed or requested we would be more then happy to order that for you and get it spread around evenly to ensure both a nice even grade on your lawn and that the seeds will have nice rich nutrient soil to bind themselves with. 


Re-doing an established lawn 

In some cases people have  lawns that have grubs or that have a bad spot that doesn't seem to grow in well year in and year out. In this case we need to get rid of all the old grass before we spray any new grass. We start by doing so with the tiller a machine that has sharp blades that cut's up all the old existing grass.

 Once this is done we then attach the land rake which is used for many different things such as raking around large ares of soil, raking out old grass, rocks and debris. Once the area is cleaned and free of rocks, grass etc we then bring in the hydroseeder to spray your new lawn. We also have a device called the pulverizer this lets us break up any hard clay or surfaces that the lawn may have so that your lawn will grow in strong and healthy without any worries. 

If you need some landscape work done give us a call and we would be more then happy to offer our services. Whether you need an area raked or some debris moved we can help you!