willseed hydroseeding


Hydroseeding is a uniform application made of four main components that are mixed and sprayed onto prepared soil. The hydroseeding mixture includes grass seed, mulch, fertilizer and a bonding agent. Most of the applications are with grass seed to make or to repair lawns however there are other options as well like wildflowers, clover and many different varieties of grass seed. 

After application, the areas sprayed will appear to have a light blue colour. This is simply meant to show adequate coverage of the soil to ensure that the grass will grow in thick and healthy in all areas. After a couple of days the colour will fade and the mulch which was once moist and slippery, will become hard like paper mache which is meant to help seal in moisture, aswell as protect and keep the seeds and soil in place. As the sun and water work together, the seeds will begin to germinate and mature into a healthy beautiful lawn.

here are different seed mixtures with different amounts of seeds in them, you will begin to see sprouts of grass within 8 to 12 days this is only part of the mixture coming through. On average it takes a good 3-5 weeks before all grass will germinate fully from the initial spray date as long as steady watering and care is followed in the process. Depending on the nature of the soil the seed may germinate quicker which means you may have an established lawn before the end of a month.


 There are many different kinds of mixtures out there from wildflowers to clovers to your regular grass seed, here are a list of 4 of the main seed mixtures we use here at Willseed. Feel free to visit websites look through books etc. to find any seed mixture which best suit you and your lawn preferences, email them to us and we will be more then happy to figure out the price and seed quantity you'll need to best suit your lawn. 

Classic Turf  

40% Kentucky Bluegrass

40% Creeping Red Fescue                       This mixture is your regular nice luscious grass sprayed on most lawns 

20%Turf-type Perennial Ryegrass

Hydroseeders's Choice

30% Kentucky Bluegrass

40% Creeping Red Fescue

30% Turf-type Perennail Ryegrass

MTO Alternate

27% Kentucky Bluegrass

55% Creeping Red Fescue                         This mixture is used mainly for ditches and highways 

15% Perennial Ryegrass

3%White Clover 

QS Ecograss NPR

35%Chewings Fescue

35%Creeping Red Fescue 

15%Hard Fescue

15%Sheeps Fescue