willseed hydroseeding

 Do you want a high quality lawn without the high cost and hard work of laying sod?  Then hydroseeding is your answer!

  • Hydroseeding your lawn can save more than 50% of the cost of sod! Hydroseeding is a great option when trying to grow grass on very large areas, steep hillsides, etc. where maintenance, cost and erosion are all issues.

  • Hydroseeding is less maintenance as well, when you apply sod you need to maintain it on a regular day to day basis so it does not die and burn which can encourage weed growth. Although hydroseeding requires water and care it is not as essential and as long as there is some moisture in the soil for the seeds to absorb they will still grow in.

  • In some cases when you may want to repair a section of your lawn, hydroseeding is a more practical solution mainly because sod leaves a noticeable line with other established grass in the area and may stay like that for quite some time before it blends in. When hydroseeding the section you wont have a visible line as your new hydroseed grass will blend in and root together with the other established grass

Are you tired of hand seeding your lawn over and over again due to weather, animals, or germination problems?

  • Hyrdoseeding is more effective than hand seeding. When you hydroseed you create a mini greenhouse effect for each and every seed promoting nearly 100% seed germination. 

  • Seeds have a protective mulch layer to help seal in moisture and to help protect the seeds from elements such as heavy winds, rains and animals.

  • The hydroseed application is sprayed into the ground because the deeper you can get the seeds into the ground the better chance they have to begin there strong roots to become a well established lawn. By hand seeding all your doing is applying the seeds to a hard surface where the grass roots will have a very hard time to begin to root and germinate. 


Fertilizer is sprayed along with the seeds to help the roots establish quicker and stronger. All of this is done by Willseed to guarantee that you will have the healthiest and most luscious lawn possible.


If you want to thicken up your existing lawn or fill in some bare spots then over seeding is what you are looking for. In most cases we like to roto-till and get rid of all old grass, bring in top soil and hydroseed the entire area. However, this does cost more money then overseeding and sometimes isn't needed because the exsisting grass may only be sparse in some areas.

This is when overseeding is a good option. It's cheaper then re-doing the entire lawn but also is effective in thickening up weak areas to get the full healthy lawn you've always wanted. We use an overseeding mix with fast germinating grass as well as mulch and glue to help seal in moisture and most importantly a fertilizer to not only help establish the new grass faster but also to enhance the old existing grass.

All of this is mixed together with water and sprayed over your lawn, to create a perfect situation for your grass, because not only are you seeding your lawn, your also fertilizing and watering it all at the same time. This is exactly what it needs for you to see a noticeable difference with your lawns progress.

 Give us a call today so we can come give you an affordable price on overseeding your lawn! 

Willseed also provides a wide variety of products to assist in slope stabilization and erosion control. The products used are dependent on the slope of the terrain and the nature of the local soil. You can choose a faster germinating seed or even some white clover which will all assist in erosion, we spray this seed with thicker mulch and more tacking agent all to ensure no seed, soil, or fertilizer will be washed away.